Dieser Hoodie ist Mode und lässig. Sie können es mit absolut jedem Outfit für einen lässigen Look tragen. Das Design im Hoodie-Stil fügt verschiedene Faktoren hinzu, um Ihren Charme zu zeigen. Es ist perfekt für Frühling und Herbst mit Jeans.
• Normale Passform
• Exquisite und dauerhafte Details
• Stilvolles Persönlichkeitsdesign
• Hand- / Maschinenwäsche

  • Daten: Typ: Kapuzenpullover
    Material: Baumwolle,Polyester
    Anlass: Beiläufig,Täglicher Gebrauch,Ausgehen
    Stilelemente: Sport,Freizeit
    Dicke: Normal
  • Vermessung und Gewicht: Verpackungsgröße: 35,00 x 30,00 x 3,00 cm / 13,78 x 11,81 x 1,18 Zoll
    Verpackungsgewicht: 0,4000 kg
    Produktgewicht: 0,3500 kg
  • Packliste: Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Kapuzenpullover
  • Farbe: Helles Khaki
  • Größe: 3XL

SKU: e325

The hoodie is very chic and form fitting, so if you want to be able to move around a bit I suggest you get it 2 maybe even 3 sizes larger, to be on the comfort side. Other than that it's alright.

Good: The hoodie is comfortable, warm, and, while a bit small, still fits. The thickness of the material exceeds my expectations (still thin, just not as thin as expected).

Bad: Looks NOTHING like the photo. The pattern is square, there's no leather toggles, and the hood is... yellow?

Overall: I bought this during a flash sale for $10. It would cost more than it's worth to return this. I knew it was a gamble when I ordered it. I just expected cheap material, not something that looks like the new guy attached the wrong hood. Still, the quality is on par with something you would pick up from Walmart for $10 so I'll still wear it.

Пришел во-первых, не тот цвет, который я заказывал. Пришел светло-бежевый (см мое фото), я заказывал light khaki, он на фото продавца - серый. Во-вторых, видимо не тот размер, т.к. на меня еле налез размер L, хотя должен сидеть очень свободно.
Сама ткань довольно тонкая, больших денег это стоить не может.
Шло очень долго.
И еще раз - продавец перепутал цвет и может быть даже размер!!! Будьте осторожны.
Я недоволен
Leisure hoodie long sleeve

So I was expecting what I ordered in the picture and it came differently. The hood is not the same color as the shirt portion. It just looks totally different from what the description is

I've purchased one of these hoodies before in black and it is the best hoodie I've ever owned, so recently I decided to purchase another but in dark grey, however this time I am absolutely appalled by the product quality and how different it is to the image.

The leather on the toggles is replaced with generic cheap laces. The warm, durable material is now some cheap silky fabric. For some reason the hood/cuffs/waist are a completely different colour from the rest of the hoodie. The proportions are all off, ordered the same size as last time but for some reason the arms are way smaller on this and the fit is just really strange. And that small leather patch on the bottom is actually a massive blank orange square which feels like a condom? No idea what's happened there...

Overall I'm highly disappointed and will go elsewhere next time.
I will insert photos comparing it to the last one I purchased to show the difference in quality.

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