Eigenschaften und Spezifikationen:
Wasserbetriebener LED Wasserhahn Belüfter
Der LED-Duschkopf ist ein Wasserhahn, der zu 100% mit Wasser betrieben wird und keinen Strom benötigt. Der Wasserhahn benötigt einen Wasserdruck von mindestens 3 kg oder 0,3 MPA. Bitte stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihr Wasserdruck stark genug ist, um einen Wickelmotor zu tragen. Geringfügiges vom Motor erzeugtes Geräusch ist normal.
Farben und Typen:
1. Einfarbig grün
2. Einfarbig blau
3. Einfarbig rot
4. Einzelfarbe Weiß
5. Schnell blinkend, mehrfarbig: mehrere Farben ändern sich automatisch und die Farben blinken zufällig
6. 7 Farben: Farben ändern sich allmählich basierend auf der Zeit
7. 3 Farbtemperatursensor: Farben ändern sich basierend auf der Wassertemperatur

  • Daten: Funktionen: Küchenarmatur
    Features: LED
    Stilelemente: Modern
    Finish: Galvanotechnik
    Kalt- und Warm Schalter: Ja
  • Produktdetails: Anzahl der Griffe: Andere
  • Vermessung und Gewicht: Produktgewicht: 0,0220 kg
    Verpackungsgewicht: 0,0300 kg
    Produktgröße (L x B x H): 2,40 × 2,40 × 3,50 cm / 0,94 × 0,94 × 1,38 Zoll
    Verpackungsgröße (L x W x H): 11,00 x 7,00 x 2,50 cm / 4,33 x 2,76 x 0,98 Zoll
  • Verpackungsinhalt: Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x LED Wasserhahn Belüfter
  • Farbe: Multi-A
  • Größe: Multicolor schnell blinkender Typ

SKU: e197

The order was received really fast in less than 10 days. The item is great. It works as suppose to and it brings interesting effect in my bathroom. Thank you very much.

As a downside i can point your attention to the fact that the holes are little bit tiny. Most of the time the water pressure comes too much and that might bring a problem in future with the whole sink ( water mixer part ).

I think proper installation is being overlooked by some,i have been happy with this faucet in general,when you have wet hands and turn the handle to turn off the water flow,i miss the old faucets where the handle was perched over the sink,i feel like the cheaper buttons on this faucet are dictated by the lower price point,i can not fault the faucet for the handle position as I took that into consideration before I purchased it and thought it would not be a big deal
Jim Bihr

This faucet is beautiful and incredibly functional,our roommate have absolutely nothing but good things to say about this faucet,being able to stick your hands under the faucet and have water appear is great and completely changes the workflow in the kitchen,wave your hand over the top and the sink is at the right height (after the two minute timer is up) to wash some dishes,the spray head is a great feature,the `` stop'' button on the spray head is great for moving between sinks
Kirill B.

I prefer a single-handled faucet with pullout sprayer and this one with the brushed steel finish was an elegant replacement for the previous two-handle faucet I had with a separate sprayer,it seems to be performing as well as the more expensive kohler faucet with similar features that we had in a previous home,my husband particularly likes the feature on this one that switches the sprayer to full stream each time you turn the water off

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